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  All Wood Log Splitters

 "If It's All Wood, It's All Good"


 (734) 369-7115 


All Wood Log Splitters only sells direct.  We do not have a dealer base because dealers have to make money too.  This makes prices go up and we prefer to keep our machines affordable.  If we sell direct we save our customers 20-30% and we personally get to speak with our customers.  This also allows us to put on sales and give discounts that other manufacturers cannot do. 

We give all our military, veterans, EMT and firefighters customers a discount!  WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE! This discount changes depending on the order placed so please call or email for the exact amount. 

10 year anniversary sale!!!!

We are celebrating our 10 years in business with a special sale that will last just a few short weeks!  Jump on these special prices while they last! 

We are going to offer a sale that we have not done in 3 years.  Starting June 1st we are going to do a Fall presale.  What that means is you place your order now and we finish your machine in August or September.  The reason we can offer such a great price is we are able to stack a ton of orders together over a two month period.  This allows our suppliers to give us even better pricing because we are ordering HUGE amounts of materials.  Don't think that you will be getting a different machine or different parts than we use now.  You will receive exactly what we have been producing for the last few years.

We are going to do this in three price "stages" and with only three of our most popular machines.  The Oak, Locust and 16' conveyor will be those three. 

Stage 1 pricing will be the first 10 orders.  Those prices will be...

Oak Series....$5,950.00

Locust Series....$6,950.00

16' conveyor....$6,000.00

Stage 2 pricing will be order numbers 11-20.  Those prices will be...

Oak Series....$6,250.00

Locust Series....$7,250.00

16' conveyor....$6,200.00

Stage 3 pricing will be for all orders after 20.  Those prices will be...

Oak Series....$6,500.00

Locust Series....$7,500.00

16' conveyor....$6,500.00


Now if you're in a hurry for a splitter this sale is NOT for you!  You will be waiting for many weeks for your new splitter but its literally impossible to beat the price.  We cannot emphasize enough that these prices will not carry past the sale!  If you are looking to purchase a machine for the fall NOW IS THE TIME!!
These prices are for our base models.  If you would like to purchase hydraulic oil, 6 way wedges, electric start, etc that will be additional.  Also payment will have to be via check or you will have to add 4% for credit card fees. 

We are proud to be the industry leader in commercial log splitters.  10 years and hundreds of machines later we are still building the best log splitter on the planet. 

All Wood Log Splitters Pricing




 List Price

 Sale Price

 Birch Series



 Maple Series



 Pine Series



 Oak Series



 Ash Series



 Locust Series



 Musclewood Series



 Redwood Series



 Ironwood Series
 Bloodwood Series



 Petrified Series

 $29,500.00 and up

 Please Call

 Custom Splitter

 Please Call

 Please Call

 16' Conveyor



 20' Conveyor



**All Pricing is FOB.  Normal shipping rates are roughly $500.00.  Customers are welcome to pick their machine up at our facility.

All order must have 30-50% down depending on the order. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal as a down payment.  A check or cash is requested at the time of delivery due to the fees of a CC and PayPal.  We cannot ship machines with them filled with hydraulic oil so all prices do not include fluids. 

 Electric Start


 Hydraulic Oil Cooler (must install ES with this package)


 Auto Cycle Valve


 Color Change (JD Green, Red, Blue, Orange and Black are available)


 6 Way Wedge


 8 Way Wedge


 Protected LED Taillights


 Redwood 30" Stroke


 Redwood 36" Stroke


 Ash 36" Stroke


 Ash 48" Stroke


 Side shift for Oak and Locust Series machines